基本释义: 1、certainty 2、without a doubt 3、without question 4、past question 5、beyond the question 6、beyond all question 7、sure enough 8、out of question 9、of a certainty 10、past all doubt 11、past doubt 12、to a certai...

翻译如下 毫无疑问 Without doubt 或no doubt 例句 毫无疑问你在科研方面会取得成功。 There can be no doubt that you will succeed in your scientific research.

definitely 这实在好用的,但是局限于书本,口头除非正式很少有人用。 I am definitely sure that you are doing something that you shouldn't. 我十分确认你在走你不该做的事情。

There is no doubt that.... Undoubtedly... It is beyond all question that... 以下是例句: There is no doubt that men cannot get pregnant.(毫无疑问,男人是无法怀孕的) Undoubtedly, Hillary Clinton lost support of some voters whe...

“这是毫无疑问”英语是:Without a doubt 【双语例句】: Organization : Without a doubt one of the most common traits of “creative” individuals, is the relentless desire for organization. 组织力 :毫无疑问,有“创意”的人最常见的特点...

without a doubt: 无疑地;还怀疑什么;不容怀疑;毫无疑问

absolutely 这个是绝对地的意思啦

There is no doubt that.....

毫无疑问的There's no doubt that...或者 sth is without doubt。 没问题No problem,其他形式得具体情况具体讨论的。

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