book预订,往往用于“订座、订票”在电影院、剧院、车站等处订票、座。 I have booked two tickets to New York. 我订了两张去纽约的票。 order 指定购,向商店定购肥料,定制衣服、饭店定饭。 order a suit 定制一套衣服

you should order the api的中文翻译_百度翻译 you should order the api 全部释义和例句>>你应该订购原料药

take one's order 全部释义和例句>>接受某人的命令

first-order effects 一阶效应 例句:His earlier work announced a lyric talent of the first order. 他的早期作品显露了一流的抒情才华。 Finish the first order, the sales contract come into effect. 签定第一个合同,并执行完毕后,代理协...

(1)“So that“以便,使能够”,与in order that 同义,后接从句,引导一个表示目的的状语从句。Speak clearly so that (in order that)everybody can understand you.请说清楚一点,这样每个人都可以听懂你的话。We left early so that (in or...

I've written it down in order not to forget. He shouted and waved so as to be noticed. To draw maps properly, you need a special pen. To draw maps properly, a special pen is needed They started early in order to get there in ti...

前者明显时表示目的的,“为了不” 当后者表示目的是二者可互换;但是后者,也就是不定式不知表示目的,例如还表结果等。

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